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Refugees with Disabilities Overlooked, Underserved


Refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants with disabilities are not properly identified and do not enjoy equal access to services in reception centers in Greece, Human Rights Watch said today. Together with thousands of other migrants and asylum seekers, they remain unprotected from freezing temperatures. The European Union has provided significant funding to the Greek […]

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Thousands of refugees are in need of our help


SYNANTISIS is a not-for-profit humanitarian aid project launched in response to the worldwide refugee crisis. We are part of a growing organization throughout Greece, working to fund raise and collect vital donations to transport to the refugee camps. We aim to help raise awareness of the growing crisis that many in our government and much […]

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The Refugee Crisis Is Humanity’s Crisis


This is the third in a series of dialogues with philosophers and critical theorists on the question of violence. This conversation is with Zygmunt Bauman, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Leeds, Britain. His latest book, “Strangers at Our Door” is published with Polity Press. Brad Evans: For over a decade you have […]

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Paraskevi Demetriades: famous and social active Lawyer speaks about her voluntary work to NGO SYNANTISIS at CNN Greece


Paraskevi Demetriades is a lawyer and is actively involved in volunteering, providing legal coverage to a very important NGO in Greece. Her voluntary work to SYNANTISIS Agency, which tries to help vulnerable groups and refugees for immediate creation of temporary accommodation centers. “The assistance and support of vulnerable groups such as women, children and consequently […]

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“The offer has no nationality, color and religion”


Dimitris Giarmadouros and Stavroula Plakogianni, legal representatives of the organization SYNANTISIS, found in Cyprus and spoke to CITY on the important work of Synantisis NGO. “ no longer be so helpless and destitute families.” “The offer has no nationality, color and religion” SOURCE:

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Social Integration


Temporary hosting places cannot accomoddate refugees for long. We need to promote structures for humaine sojourn . We ought to act, so that those who are today marginalised, both Greeks and refugees, may become fully integrated in Greek society. Your help is important!

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Give Dignity


We would like to make sure that the people who pass by or settle in Greece live with dignity. Our aim is to offer dignified solutions for all. You can be part of this.

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