About Us

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Synantisis is a non profitable organization. It was created to offer solutions and answers to the complex social problems in Greece and the wider area of the South-eastern Mediterrean.

It is common knowledge that today the majority of people who are socially marginalised, do not have the opportunity to move to the countryside; Furthermore, they do not have either the know-how or the tools to engage in the primary sector of production.

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Our aim is to create the appropriate conditions for the relocation of population in the countryside, in available housing with guaranteed jobs .

We provide assistance and know-how to adopt novel production model, and novel models of land management. We would like to be part of a new beginning for the financially weak and disadvantaged, so that they can be righfully re-integrated in the Greek economy and become the core of a new, modern and efficient productive force.

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The relocation of a family is a complexe task and most of the issues that arise take time to resolve. We need clothes, items of personal care and food that we distrubute to vulnerable social groups.